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n2 version 2.0051

Friday, February 5th, 2010

The latest update to n2 supports the following new features:

  1. Command window will now scroll horizontally when needed.
  2. You can now paste into the command window (or the active document) by using the system menu (Alt+Space -> ‘E’ -> ‘P’) similar to console windows.
  3. Command window completion allows you to complete a path without a specified command.  This allows you to use the command window to locate and execute commands similar to the normal Windows command prompt.
  4. When the replace tabs with spaces option is enabled, the backspace key handling recognizes the deletion of leading spaces on the current line.  In this case n2 now deletes enough characters to put the insertion point on the previous tabstop.  In cases where this behavior is not desired, you can select the characters you want to delete using Shift+Left arrow (or any other selection method) and then pressing backspace or delete.